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Token sale

A token sale is the sale of a new cryptocurrency or token created by a company to its earliest adopters, in exchange for funding for further development. It is a sophisticated and democratic way to raise funds, where every investor – big or small – can participate.


At Change, we are building the first global bank, providing a revolutionary service to people from all around the world. Our mission is to remove borders in the financial sector, and to ensure that every citizen has access to alternative financial services, finally ending the artificial monopoly created by local regulators and traditional banks.

Why an token sale

As we are a bank for the people, we hold our community in high regard. We humbly invite anyone who shares our vision to join our movement and create Change.

Amount raised

Change is raising a total of 200,000 Ether. Investors can use Ether to enter the Token sale.

Minimum investment: 0.5 ETH

Exchange rate:


We are rewarding members of Change community that help spread the word of our Token sale. A total of 15% of all Change Tokens will be allocated to community, R&D, and bounties.

Write us on our contact page to learn how to participate.

Early birds

Early investors will be rewarded with discounts and exclusive access to a Change Maker status, and a premium Change Black card.

The first 500 investors will receive a discount of 30%, with other pre-sale discounts to be announced.

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